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Dread Falls

Dread falls are hairpieces, worn on a day-to-day basis similar to wigs or any other fashion accessory, allowing for versatility in personal fashion.

Beautifully Chaotic Designs' dread falls are made to look organic and natural, but are also made for long-term wear as the dreads are quite solid and will last a very long time. As depicted in the pictures, they are not sleek solid dread falls - however, they are just as resiliant and long-lasting (sometimes even moreso, as our technique locks hair into the dread-form, preventing it from unravelling).


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SHORT DREAD FALLS ; 4-6" long. Short and spiky. Perfect accents to wear with other dreadfalls.
MEDIUM DREAD FALLS ; 8-10" long. Light and versatile. Great for everyday wear and clubbing.
LAYERED DREAD FALLS ; 8-16" long. Layered and dramatic. Great for the day or for the evening.
LONG DREAD FALLS ; 14-18" long. Super dramatic but very natural looking. Perfect for a night of clubbing.

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