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Kathryn says: I just want to rave on and on about Teri at Beautifully Chaotic! First off this was my first time ordering and she made it so easy and I didn't feel too much like a n00b. She helped me order the right amount and kept me up-to-date pretty much the whole time! My order was huge. It was 120 pcs of mostly long and extra long SE's and when I got a little antsy because it was taking longer than I thought it would, she assured me they were almost done, and would be sent in a couple days along with some free peppermint spray and soap!! When they were done, and she sent me a pic of them (just to make me even more excited!) Then, I rec'd them, and they were GORGEOUS!
When I was ordering I was sure I wanted only natural colours, but then after seeing how beautiful everyones hair was on here, when my natural colors arrived.... I wanted some unnatural colors. So I emailed her and asked if she had some purples she could send asap. Well....I got them THE NEXT DAY!!! See..I could go on and on. Bottom line, I am a VERY happy customer! would recommend them to everyone! and I will definately be ordering again!... Thank you again....I'm out of breath.
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Laura says: Although Teri no longer makes dread extensions, I can at least comment on my experience :)

This girl works very quickly, makes great dreads that last well and kept me updated on what was going on.
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Sarah says: I probably sound like a broken record by now, but I don't think I could ever stress enough how much Beautifully Chaotic RULES. I got another order today for some DEs and they're absolutely gorgeous, shipping was fast, and there was candy in the package. (link to review)

Ashley says: I ordered some double ended dreads from Teri when she announced her sale, and hot damn am I ever glad I did.
I just got them in the mail today and they're awesome. I basically just told her I wanted auburn with some blonde and that she could do whatever she wanted as far as which colours and how many of each, etc.

I'm going to add some of them in to the elysee stars I have in already, so I'll post pics once they're up.

Everyone go order from Teri! She has awesome customer service and her hairpieces are amazing.
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Jessika says: I too ordered some dreads from Teri when she announced her sale. Not only were the falls absolutely gorgeous, but they arrived within 3 days, and there were some cute goodies she included!(link to review)

Katja said:I ordered two sets of falls and some pigtail thorns from Beautifullychaotic when she made mention of her sale, and just recieved 'em today! They're absolutely gorgeous, and look great! :D Teri was super friendly and fast with the emails, and quite nice to work with.
Excellent work, and thanks!
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Caitlin says:I just got my dread falls today that I ordered from her as soon as she announced her sale. I've never had a pair of dread falls before, so I figured that would be a good opportunity to experiment and help out someone as well.

I ordered the short falls from her site. Her emails were friendly and helpful. The falls are beautiful! She matched my color *perfectly* (my hair is dyed with SFX Blood Red, and there's no fake hair this color). She even stuck in a homemade guava lollipop and some free stickers! yay!

So, I urge you to order from her! If my review doesn't convince you, maybe the exchange rate will, as she is located in canada!
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