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Fill out the ORDER FORM by clicking here or by using the menu to your left.
Assure that the information is correct, for faster processing.

We will contact you with a final total (in Canadian Funds) including shipping, an order number, and how to pay us.
We ship Registered Mail only. For pricing guidelines, see the pricing page. The order number will be your reference number for all orders we deal with.

You then have 3 weeks from that point for us to receive payment.
We will then email you a payment reminder at weekly intervals. If payment is being snail mailed, please tell us when it is mailed.

We accept 4 methods of payment.
Money orders, Interac Email Money Transfer,, and We accept ALL money orders in Canadian funds (available through banks if ordering from outside Canada), as well as INTERNATIONAL POSTAL money orders in foreign currency from the US and UK. We cannot accept any other type of money order.

When mailing your order, PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR ORDER NUMBER!
It's easier to track down the payment by whom it came from.

Please refer to our front page for current turn around times - they're usually about 2-3 weeks.
Typically the time displayed is not the time it takes to create a hairpiece from start to finish - it is due to backlog. So please refer to that page before emailing us the status of your order.

Mail me!! I'd love to answer any questions you may have about the process, the hair or any of my products.

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