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Dread Wigs

We at Beautifully Chaotic Designs welcome orders which are either variations of our own designs or completely new creations of your own mind. (Please note that we will not copy another company's design, however.) Below is a gallery of some custom items we have created in the past. Please note that pricing varies for the items (depending on cost of materials + labour) and custom orders can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks, depending on the complexity of the design, readiness of the materials and our current workload.

Pricing for dread wigs depends of overall length of wig and the number of dreads. Each dread attached to the wig is priced as per single looped dreads, plus the cost of the wig and labour to dread the wig and attach the looped dreads. Please refer to the Pricing Page for details.

LONG DREAD WIG; this wig is comprised of black and neon pink dreads.


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