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Double Ended Dread/Single Ended Dread F.A.Q.

How do I put them in?
A detailed instruction guide with pictures is available here.

How long can I wear them for?
I recommend taking them out after 4 weeks for double ended dreads and 6 weeks with single looped dreads, or when 1" of your roots have grown out, depending which comes first. While no harm will come to the hair if you leave them in for longer, your roots may dread from prolonged periods without combing. After you remove the dreads, thoroughly wash and comb your hair, and let your scalp rest.

How long after I take them out can I put them back in?
As little as two days. There is no maximum waiting period, so long as you care for the dreads in the interim. I suggest hanging them on a hanger in the closet - just allow them to air out and keep them hanging.

Can I wash my hair while I have the double ended dreads?
Absolutely. I suggest only washing the scalp as the dreads are very much like sponges and soak up water, making them very heavy. They'll retain the water as well and thus take a long time to dry. It's rather inconvenient so it's best avoidable as much as possible.

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