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General Instructions
Hairpieces are the fastest way to go from day to glam in a heartbeat. Shorter, lighter hairpieces can be worn all day and longer, more extreme and often heavier hairpieces are best worn for evening events that last only a handful of hours. It's easiest if your hair is slightly damp (it's easier to put into sturdier pigtails/buns) before you start. Be sure to have bobby pins handy - a scrunchie or two and a scarf are optional.
I will be illustrating with one side of the head being plastic lacing falls and the other being a dreadfall. Same instructions for both - on the left is the plastic, the right one is the dreadfall.

Please also note hat all the photos can be enlarged by clicking them.

First Step: Pigtail/Bun your Hair

One bun/ponytail for single hairpiece, two for a pair :). Bun your hair if its long enough. You can get fancy with different sorts of partings for a funkier look.

Second Step: Add the hairpiece so it falls on the wrong side.

Place the elastic over the bun, so that the part of the elastic where the hair is attached is just above the bun. This makes the fall hang on the wrong side of the head. Secure the elastic to the bun/ponytail/pigtail.

Third Step: Make the hairpiece "fall" in the right direction and add finishing touches

Take the hairpiece hair and pull it so it falls over your own bun/ponytail/pigtail. Make slight adjustments and down into place (you can also use chopsticks for single hairpieces. You can now use scarves or scrunchies to add volume and stability - just wrap them around the base of the hairpiece.

Voila! You're done. In a few short minutes you've got great looking hair for hours!

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