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How to Install Single Ended Dreads Loose Hair.

This method was devised by Andi of Thanks Andi!

You will need elastics for your own hair. You will also need to know how to do a basic 3 way braid.

This method allows for longer wear of dreads, as sections are smaller and more likely to be tigher. Double ended dreads can be worn about 4 weeks long, where this method using single ended looped dreads can allow for wear upt o 8+ months, depending on how tightly they are installed.

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Take a section about 1/3- 1/2 inch square (about 1 cm square), and your single looped dread.

Split this section of hair into two. .

Pull one section of hair through the loop.

If you need a bit of a hand doing this, use a crochet needle.

Using the sections of hair and the dread as the 3 strands of a 3 way braid, braid about 3 rounds (or an inch).

Stop when you reach the dreaded part of the single looped dread.
Take the section of loose hair and split it into 3, and braid it all the way down, securing the bottom with an elastic.

Repeat all over your head.

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